About files

  • Do not share your forum/sunrise account details. Its for personal use.
  • Do not share your assembla(SVN) account with anyone. It’s for receiving our weekly updates only. (GP related)
  • Do not upload our files/sources on public file sharing networks like 4shared,mega.co,sendspace,mediafire etc.
  • Do not re-sell any of our files or source’s.
  • Do not copy without our permission , anything from our file’s, website or forum.

About Support

  • Before you submit any topic for help, or assistance please make the proper search, since possibly your question has been already answered.
  • Do not spam on skype for help or assistance, we will only answer in urgent cases. That’s why this forum exists. Post here and we will help you.
  • We will not be your personal developer’s or teacher, we are glad to help you, once your request’s are above a limit. This means that you can’t ask for new features from scratch. You can suggest them on the proper section and maybe will make them as a monthly Platinum share.
  • You should be patience with your requests. We also have personal life and works.
  • If your request isn’t answered, you should use the ‘BUMP’ button, once it’s available and not spam on your topic.

This list will be updated, from time to time.
Each time it is updated you will need to re-accept the new terms.
Breaking any of following rules will lead to permanent suspension of your account(s).