Those are extra features which are NOT included on any plan

Add-ons are extra features that are NOT included on any plan. You can obtain them by contributing to the team and enhance your gameplay according to your servers need. Most of Add-ons, are separated libraries that will NOT require installation and therefore source access is not required. This means that add-ons will be available for silver plan users as well.

  • Advanced Achievement Engine
  • Arabic chat system
  • In-game Live Class / Skills Balancer
  • Cancellation return buff system
  • Combine talismans command
  • Community Auction house
  • Advanced Dressme Engine
  • Community board Drop Calculator
  • Change appearance NPC/Command
  • Improved Buff Shop
  • Server Ranking/Museum
  • Party Matching
  • Rebirth Engine
  • Solo PVP Zone Engine
  • Olympiad rankings on community board
  • Community board subclass changer
  • Autofarm server bot
  • AIO Buffer
  • Automated In-game Paypal Donation
  • Instant Certification Engine
  • Battlefield Zone
  • Rank pvp system masterio
  • Attribute system with click (forceuse)
  • .stats command
  • Fake Player (Autobots) Engine - Autobots
  • Advanced community ranking system