Build-in features that are included on all plans

All listed features above can be found on all plans no matter what. Remember there much more features which cannot be represented here. We encourage you join our test server to experience them for yourself

Custom NPCs

More than 14 custom NPCs for all kind of game-play

Automated events

Dedicated event engine with more than 12 events & mini events.

Community board

Custom community board with all servers operations

Voiced commands

Plenty of voiced commands that enhances players game-play

Security captcha

Advanced captcha for farming bot or enhancing

Advanced geolocation

Reworked geodata system to enhance players walking

All In One

All in one system operations available with NPC, command or item

PTS data

Skills, quests, mobs, RAID bosses, NPC behavior based on PTS data

Detailed list

Here are some of the exceptional features you can anticipate from our emulator

Custom NPCs

  • Unique Gm-Shop
  • Unique Buffer (Scheme profile)
  • Unique Gatekeeper
  • Donate Manager
  • Delevel Manager
  • Bug Reporter
  • Achievement Manager
  • Premium Manager
  • Black Market Manager
  • Mass Castle Informer
  • Exchange Manager (Points Manager)
  • Beta Npc Manager
  • Wedding Manager
  • Aio Npc
  • Casino Manager
  • Noblesse Manager

Custom community board

  • Announcements
  • Character Control Panel Integrated
  • Server Information
  • Events Statistics and Info
  • Rankings
  • RaidBoss Online/Offline Informer
  • Custom Ingame Log Viewer (Admin Feature)
  • Gatekeeper
  • Gm-shop
  • Symbol Maker
  • Blacksmith
  • Buffer
  • Exclusive Shop
  • Warehouse
  • Vote Manager
  • Donate Manager

Custom voiced commands

  • Buffer (for premium)
  • Aioitem (for premium)
  • Online
  • Repair
  • Expon
  • Expoff
  • Xpon
  • Xpoff
  • Giran, dion, oren etc
  • Ccp (character control panel)
  • Changepassword
  • Premium
  • Zone/enter/leave (for pvp zone)
  • Getreward (vote reward)
  • Divorce/engage/gotolove
  • Join/leave (for event)
  • Captcha

Instances and functionalities

  • Hellbound
  • Kamaloka
  • Delusion Chamber
  • Epic Boss Freya
  • Epic Boss Zaken
  • Epic Boss Frintezza (Halisha)
  • Epic Quest 7 Signs
  • Subclass Certification
  • Seed of Destruction (All Stages)
  • Seed of Infinity (All Stages and instances)
  • Seed of Annihilation (include Maguens)
  • Air ships on the Gracia continent
  • Territory Wars
  • Forts sieges
  • Master Work items
  • Beast Farm
  • Studying Squad Skills
  • All epic bosses
  • Dungeons of forts and castles
  • All Pailakas Instances
  • Auction Manager
  • All clanhalls
  • Pets and Summons
  • Bosses of Destruction
  • Aerial Cleft
  • Underground collision

Custom features / enchantments

  • Vote Reward System (Individual & API based)
  • Pc Bang Points System
  • PvP or PK Title & Name Color System
  • Private Shop Alternative Coin Payment System
  • Private Shop Distance System
  • Custom Announcements System
  • Alternative Clan Leader System
  • Custom Augmentation System
  • Custom Distribute Items System
  • Custom Skill Enchant System
  • Run of Exp Item Bonus
  • Character Control Panel
  • Custom Starting Title System
  • Restriction for Blink – Rush Skills while Rooted
  • Premium Accounts
  • Auto Restart & Auto Back-Up System
  • Custom Community Board with a Lot of Services
  • Killing Spree System
  • Character Achievement Reward System
  • All in One Command/Item System
  • Custom Balance System
  • Custom Zones for PvP Servers
  • Champions Monsters
  • Achivements
  • Antibot popup window with captcha

Automated events

  • Team vs Team
  • Capture the Flag
  • Domination
  • Mass Domination
  • DeathMatch
  • Last Man Standing
  • Advanced Team vs Team
  • Lucky Chests
  • Zombies
  • Mutant
  • Thunt PvP
  • Battlefields
  • Single players fights
  • Party fights
  • Korean Party fights
  • Mini TvT

Please note that this is just a concise list of the available features. If you don"t find a specific feature listed here and you"re curious about its implementation status, feel free to inquire