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We offer high quality high five server files

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Professional and Stable

We’ve been developing the project for more than five years with weekly commits and fixes. Our goal is to make the best H5 emulator on the internet. Don’t just take our word for it, you are free to test everything and discover the true potential behind our emulator.

Private SVN repository

We offer a paid SVN repository to our Gold Plan users. It’s easier than ever to download the required files, and also to receive our daily commits with updates and fixes. In case you don’t know what SVN is, please check our help section or contact us.

Easy to Customize

We provide access to the source files which allows our users to implement their own engines and modify the emulator without any restrictions. Furthermore, we provide configuration files for easy and intuitive modification of the game environment.

Geodata Included

By using our emulator you will also receive high quality geodata which is almost 99% similar to official geodata.

Countless Features

Our server files includes all needed features for a great server. For more information visit preview section.

Free Support

We will help you, to solve any related problem through our closed community forum.


Every reported bug will be fixed on our monthly updates. If the bug is critical the commit will be instant.

L2j Sunrise have to offer countless features and options. You can test them on your own, on our test server.

Why L2j Sunrise?

Do not pay huge amount of money for broken files, with no support, no source and no updates. Sunrise offers lifetime updates, support and unlimited usage. There are no limitation in terms of main source access, players limitations or ip binding.

Easy installation

With sunrise, is just a few minute
s, you will be online on your own l2server. Once you upgrade to Gold or Silver plan, you gain access to detailed guides step by step of how to install and run your l2server.


Our closed community, works like a knowledge base with hundreds of questions related to l2 resolved. No more searching all over the web,most of questions or problems will be already answered, and resolved. In case something is not covered, you can post your own question and our team, will resolve your issue as fast as possible.

Trusted & Reviewed

More than 500 servers used our server files the past 3 years. If you are l2 player for sure you joined once sunrise based server. You may did not notice it, cause with sunrise there are not trademarks or referrals. Nowadays for many people sunrise is one of the best H5 L2 Emulators.

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Great emulator. I started with the free plan and then i upgraded to gold plan. Everything works perfect and their support is really good.

John Powers
John PowersServer Owner

I was from their first users, rb quests, instances and almost everything works retail like. If you report something they will fix it in the next 24 hours.

Franky Potz
Franky PotzServer Owner

I mostly choosed sunrise for their support and the access on SVN which is really awesome. We take everyday easy updates and fixes.

Stelios LServer Dev

I faced some balance issues, but with their ingame balance controller i made the perfect balance for my server.

Giorgos StServer Owner