autobots l2jsunrise

L2jSunrise and Autobots

autobots l2jsunrise

The most advanced fake players engine is now compatible with sunrise.
If you don’t know what i am talking about you can find more information on the above link

The engine itself is made by Elfocrash but its development is being discontinued.
We converted and adapted the whole code to feet l2jsunrise sources and its ready to go even for LIVE servers.

We will keep on developing this engine and of-course support or fix any bug the engine might have like we do with the extra features we provide. For the time being we will not add it on the automated shop (on the dashboard) but you can show your interest by PMing @vGodFather

You can contact him by PM here on the forum or you can add him on discord ->jval#7185

1022 l2jserver l2jsunrise released

1022 revision just released

1022 revision just released

[*]Fixed one more premium drop issue!
[*]Fixed minor typo in admin create item
[*]Fixed Remove some static methods
[*]Fixed Missing broadcasts
[*]Live cursor updates when change zones
[*]Fixed item use exploit
[*]Fixed fear allow player to move
[*]Fixed broken effects
[*]Improved logs
[*]Retail like res conditions in castle siege
[*]Fixed skill enchant exploit
[*]Implement retail skill hit cancel time
[*]Fixed cubic chances
[*]Fixed refund and sell issues from community board
[*]Fixed stop cubic from others function
[*]Fixed some functions not work properly
[*]Added some concurrent fixes that cause problem in territory wars
[*]Now water characters are checked properly in order to avoid wall hacks etc
[*]Inside siege characters allowed to res if they have battle scrolls
[*]Remove some deprecated functions from custom merchant
[*]Fixed good magic from cubics
[*]Fixed topzone api links
[*]Fixed siege issues thanks to GameMaster
[*]Implement missing messages for siege
[*]Added new AIs for antharas lair mobs
[*]Fixed some event engine issues with cubic functions
[*]Rework movecontroller separate from GameTImeController
[*]Fixed next action while using bow or cast skill
[*]Fixed exploits
[*]Rework party match list
[*]Added more configs for champion mobs now supports multiple rewards
[*]Fixed siege issues and added retail messages while use control etc
[*]Fixed cubics heal conditions not work properly
[*]More retail like ais
[*]Fixed some skills
[*]Confirm some retail values for some npcs
[*]Added new utils for future usage
[*]Fixed some skill issues, dont check the conditions
[*]Fixed some airships routes
[*]Fixed some stackoverflow errors
[*]Fixed Siege checks null pointers
[*]Fixed treasure chests in XML version
[*]Now use inet address directly from game client instead of mmocore

If you are not already sunrise user, do not hesitate register your accounts today!


1003 version just released

1003 revision just released

[*]Fixed premium drops
[*]Fixed a typo preventing multiple stacked items
[*]New constructor
[*]Retail like cubics
[*]Drop custom interaction method, now is retail like
[*]New Flood protectors
[*]More functions for xml reads
[*]Improve-fix moves not it will be a lot harder to stack in corners for monsters and players

If you are not already sunrise user, do not hesitate register your accounts today!


1002 revision just released

1002 revision just released

Some changes you gonna find on the new rev:

[*]Removed duplicate messages
[*]Fixed linux not start properly
[*]Remove spam logs
[*]Remove not used classes
[*]Fixed issues while loading server
[*]Fixed summons can cast skills behind walls
[*]Fixed wrong messages when Multiple item drop is disabled
[*]Fixed some packet floods, clean ups
[*]Organize packets, in order to control them
[*]Fixed some possible leaks
[*]Added of missing packets
[*]Fixed some possible null pointers when monster hold pole
[*]Added some retail checks for range
[*]Fixed some typos in few messages
[*]Missing conditions for some skills
[*]Updated engine in order to show correct versions
[*]Fixed broken config in antibot system when specific mob option is enabled
[*]Code improvements for territory wars
[*]Fixed bug with banned chats
[*]Fixed item logs
[*]Retail like pole targets
[*]Remove custom codes
[*]More accurate logs for blow chances
[*]Fixed enter world minor npes
[*]Fixed community multisell issues
[*]Fixed some cancel effects not remove properly debuffs
[*]More configs
[*]Update methods using enums
[*]Fixed some formulas

If you are not already sunrise user, do not hesitate register your accounts today!


990 revision just released

Some changes you gonna find on the new rev:

*Move some files in preper classes
*Organize some system like nevit
*Remove custom codes
*New feature that will show which multisells have lower price than retail in order to avoid adena exploits
*Implement quickvar type enum
*Retail target checks
*Fixed some issues with community multisell checks
*Fixed vote system reward player without voting
*Fixed some missing spawns from community
*Fixed wrong teleports in community
*Changed some gm shop multisells using proper prices
*Improve protocol jar in order to be faster and create less objects

If you are not already sunrise user, do not hesitate register your accounts today!

paypal post

Automated Ingame Paypal Donation System 1.0.0

After many requests we are here to announce the first ingame paypal donation system that works with REST API calls. Its the most efficient and easy way to receive donations, without dependency of a website. Before i proceed on how it work’s i would like to ensure you that its totally secure and un-exploitable fully written using the latest Paypal API reference, taking into consideration all security measures.

How it works?
Using a community board, player will be navigate to the Donation Manager.
Step.1 Fill the chatbox with the email that wants to make the donation with
Step.2 Choose any of the available donations amount from the dropdown menu
Step.3 Generate the transaction
Step.4 Check the given email for the notification of the invoice and PAY IT. In cases the email is not received, the invoice request will be available on the paypal itself
Step.5 Request the reward in-game and receive instantly the reward

1. Gold or Platinum Plan
2. Business paypal account

I will upload a video as soon as i can.
In the meanwhile here’s a few images of the engine showing the process.

paypal don
paypal don2

post new era

Introducing sunrise new era

Hello, faithful users of sunrise,

its time to make some changes and at the same time a few steps ahead with the administration of sunrise. Most of you know the history of sunrise, how we started, our progress over the years and all the e-wars that we had with our competitors. One of the most difficult issue that we had to deal with all this years, was keeping the files safe from leechers and shares. Its well written on the rules and the terms you accept while you become an upgraded user, that sharing the files with others might cost you a permanent ban, however it seems that some of the users never followed that rule. As a result of this we were thinking twice ( or not even thinking about it ) when it was about to commit some good content on the source files, knowing that it might be distributed to wrong hands. So now that you learned the reason that our project progress was a little bit slow sometimes, we are ready to overcome this issue and return the projects activity back to its glory.

For this to happen, we need to make some changes to the whole’s project stracture, terms and policy.
I am really happy to announce you that the last 6 months we were working with @vGodFather on a new web application (platform) build-ed specifically for l2jsunrise users, in order to organize things and keep the files safe from leechers and wrong hands. There are many things that are about to change but i will try to keep this topic as clean as i can and include only what its important !

1) License
With the next updates (revs) of sunrise, files gonna need a valid license key in order to run perfectly. Do not worry about it, license keys check will not effect anyway the gameplay or the emulator itself. (no external connections etc…). Each member will be able to generate 6? license keys at the same time,  erase and re-create them at anytime. We do not want to effect the usage of the files for the users, we just want to avoid re-sells and shares.

We discontinue to provide lifetime access to the sources. From now on, sunrise will become a subscription based project. We are about to provide 1 and 3 years subscription. The current gold/platinum users gonna take 1 years of free subscription, so it not gonna effect you somehow for the time being.

3) SVN Restriction
Your SVN accounts will require to have a registered IP on the sunrise platform in order to be operational. Do not worry about it, you gonna be able to change anytime the registered IP with no fee. Remember we just want to keep the files safe and not to effect anyway the users.

You might experience some  issues with sunrise website the next days, due to the heavy maintaining tasks. Keep your eyes on the forum for more information and let me know your thoughts about our new big step to a better community/project.

happy new year l2jsunrise

Sunrise Team Wishes You Happy New Year [2019]

Sunrise Team wishes to everyone happy new year.
2018 has been a great year for the progress of our project and we promise that 2019 will be even better.

Sunrise is proved over the years to be one of the most reliable  ways to start your own lineage 2 private emulator.

More to come.
Stay tuned!!

grandcrusade l2jsunrise

L2jSunrise becomes multi-client project

The past few years we’ve got hundreds of requests to upgrade our project on newer chronicles.
With the start of the upcoming year (2019) sunrise will become multi-client project which means that it will be compatible with more than 5 chronicles. With a simple configuration you will be able to change chronicles compatibility within seconds. The supported NEW chronicles will be Interlude, Gracia Final, Epilogue, Freya and Grand Crusade. Keep in mind that Multi-client engine might not be available on the basic plans or it might be an extra feature. Stay tuned for more information and updates. For more information stay tuned.

l2j sunrise easter-sale

Easter Sales – Limited time offer

Easter Sales – Limited time offer till 15/04/2018
Don’t wait ’til tomorrow! Take the chance and upgrade now:

Gold Plan discounted contribution -> 129,99 euro
Silver Plan discounted contribution -> 34,99 euro

You were always looking for lifetime updated files, with support, geodata and a great community to share opinions or discuss about major server emulation issues? Sunrise is what you was looking for, join our community and build your dream server today!!

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